Planned and Investment Giving

Give Stock

Donating appreciated securities, such as stock or mutual funds, to Chasing Dreams is a tax-wise approach to providing much needed programs.

Many donors choose to make gifts to Chasing Dreams using long-term appreciated stocks or mutual funds due to the attractive tax advantages associated with such gifts.

The benefits available to you when making a contribution of stock or mutual funds may include:

  • Avoiding federal and state tax on the capital gain
  • Receiving an income tax deduction (federal and most states) for the full market value of the gift if you itemize deductions on your tax return and have held the assets one year or longer.
  • Making a larger gift at a lower original cost to you

Corporate Matching Gift

Thousands of people at many companies have the opportunity. Take advantage of it! Thanks to the generosity of Chasing Dreams corporate sponsors, employees have the option of doubling or even tripling their donation to Chasing Dreams mission through the matching gift program

Workplace Giving

Give your employees the opportunity of giving back in a way that can most benefit the cause of their choice, as well as your corporate culture. A workplace giving programĀ is an annual employee giving charitable campaign. When employees give through their place of employment, it creates morale and fosters team building. Employees are given a chance to help others make their dreams reality and corporations are able to help make philanthropy a part of their corporate future.

Remember us in your Will or Living Trust

In planning your estate through your will or living trust, you are thinking about what you want to leave behind. Remembering Chasing Dreams in your planning means that you want to have a profound and lasting effect on helping children, youth and adults with a variety of disabilities. Your gift will give them additional educational and socialization skills to become more independent and have a more meaningful life.

It’s a gift that costs you nothing now, is flexible and can often be established easily either through a new will, trust or an amendment.

For more information in estate planning giving, please contact:

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