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Frequently Asked Questions about Chasing Dreams

What are the charges for your programs?

Our programs are offered to the child with a disability and their immediate family (parent and siblings living at home) at no charge.  Occasionally, we have special events that may incur a small fee for anyone outside of a parent and the child with special needs.

Do I have to pay a membership fee to join Chasing Dreams?

There is no membership fee nor membership required to join us!

Are there programs for specific age groups?

We offer programs for children of all ages.  There are some programs that are geared towards certain age groups, however, you are welcome to attend most programs that you see fit for your child. We also offer group outings that are fun for children of all ages.

Are there programs for different disabilities?

Chasing Dreams does not separate programs based on a disability, we include all individuals in every program and keep the needs of every family in mind when developing our programs.

How do I join Chasing Dreams?

We are always welcoming more families to join us.  Take a peek at our programs and events on our calendar to determine what would best suit your child and family’s needs.  Our doors are always open!

How can I bring a Chasing Dreams Learning Center to my community?

Franchise information is available.  We would love to have a Chasing Dreams near you.  If you are interested, please contact Denise Babjak at (219) 299-9049 or   send an email   for more information.


We believe that there is more to a child with special needs than a diagnosis.