Denise Babjak

The vision of someday opening a Learning Center for children with disabilities and their families came to me when I was blessed with my daughter, Lainy. It was like I was put in a new world that needed a large overhaul. It seemed like the opportunities were limited, things were discouraging and if there was hope it came with a very big price tag. There was a huge need for a place where children and families could feel that their opportunities were endless. It took a couple of years to figure out how to make my vision a reality and here it is Chasing Dreams.

My goal is to offer free programs to children with disabilities. I never want another family to feel alone, confused, or scared when they have their precious baby or receive a diagnosis. I want the whole family to feel accepted, supported and realize that through education, plus additional assistance that Dreams can come true.

In my lifetime I would like to see, through a lot of hard work and being an advocate educating the communities, a more accepting and loving environment for everyone that has a disability.